Lunch Pals

As a team, design a product or service to be entered into the Stanford Center on Longevity Design Challenge which focuses on heathy living, social engagement and financial security.

The program and app’s focus is on school children throughout the United States as many do not consistently get lunch every day, nor one that is nutritional. In addition to being hungry there are severe social impacts upon children and their families whether that be shaming from the school itself or bullying from other children. Not only does food insecurity impact children on a social level, it also impacts their health. Children who do not eat lunch are more likely to be unmotivated due to lack of energy, and struggle to retain information in classes. By focusing on children in schools we can cover all three topics of the design challenge, while also impacting people of all different ages from administrators to the children.

Our program allows parents to make additional lunches for students and receive discounts on various nutritional food items at a partnering grocery store. Having this program in place will create an opportunity for a more involved community that gives back, as well as helping to increase empathy and understanding throughout households and schools.