Eatsa, a technology based restaurant chain in San Fransisco needed a new About, Careers and Meet the Team page added to their existing Squarespace website. Additionally, they wanted to integrate motion animation throughout the site to add interest and character.

I worked closely with designers at Eatsa, to design a strategy that would work within the perimeters of Squarespace. Unfortunately, Squarespace can be limiting due to the preexisting templates and drag and drop features offered. In order to customize Eatsa's pages to the fullest extent, custom code was heavily relied on. Some examples of custom code are the mouseover functions, text and icon fade ins, and the typewriter animation. In total over 600 lines of custom code had to be written to overcome the design limitations found on Squarespace and to give Eatsa the results they wanted. Lastly I worked on ensuring that the new pages would be mobile and tablet friendly which was difficult in some instances because of how elements stacked - especially the curved lines connecting the values on the About page. I used custom code to hide these elements on mobile which provided a compatible mobile design.