Photo Affections

Photo Affections is a top-rated stationary and photo gift brand specializing in holiday cards.

As a designer for Photo Affections, I was responsible for the brand's email design, homepage updates and content creation for social media. Photo Affections is hosted under the company Planet Art, which is a parent company to several stationary brands such as Simply to Impress, Ink, and FreePrints. Planet Art has an in house studio and prop room. I was responsible for styling and photographing Photo Affection's products such as holiday cards and photo gifts to create content for all of their marketing and website needs. In addition to styling and photographing products, I also did the post production using photoshop, typographic styling, UI/UX for new website flows, print pieces and advertisements.

Gifting Interiors

Photo Affections has several photo gifts for sale. These products include custom pillows, blankets, phone cases, wall art, canvas's, photo easel panels, journals and mugs. During my time at Photo Affections, I was asked to create a new landing page for all of these products as well as style them for emails and other marketing materials. These products were more challenging to work with as they're three dimensional and need to exist with in an environment. I was responsible for creating these environments.

Holiday Mailer

The Photo Affections holiday catalog is a yearly print piece. I was responsible for creating the theme and concept, sketching and planning each shot, photographing scenes during photoshoots and doing all post production work.