Wayfinding System

Design a new signage system for a poorly signed building on the CSU Chico campus.

As a class, we documented the function of the building as well as every amenity (bathrooms, stairs, elevators, vending machines, and water fountains) the building offered. After completing our research, I decided to create a signage system that utilized color coded corridors.  Each corridor was labeled A, B, C, D, etc. in a clockwise fashion. This corresponds to a directory that lists which corridor specific classrooms or faculty offices would be found. Beside the directory is a map that shows the colored corridors so users can easily navigate to their destination. These directories and maps will be located on each floor. Additionally, all of the signage within the building will be cohesive and meet ADA standards. Faculty office ID’s will be designed to be easily changed as teacher’s office are often moved around campus.